20014 Nibfest Write-a-thon
In association with Social Book Week and literary agency Watson, Little, Nibfest is running a write-a-thon, calling for unpublished writers to submit their work.

You can submit 5,000 words of fiction to be judged by an expert panel of literary agents and established writers.

Opening line (announced 4th May)
It was a bright day in May, and the clocks were striking twelve.’

The prize is lunch with a Watson, Little agent. And this could lead to representation, a book deal and launching your work on the public!

Full terms and conditions here:

  1. The write-a-thon starts on Sunday 4th May at 12 noon when, here and on Twitter, Nibfest announces the opening line to begin writing from.
  2. Writers are asked to complete 5,000 words starting with this opening line by Sunday 11th May.
  3. Your 5,000 words must be fiction, but could be either a complete short story, or an extract of a novel, and must be your sole entry.
  4. Entries must be submitted by 12 noon on Sunday 11th May by email to writeathon@nibfest.co.uk.
  5. Please use 12 point type in your submission, double-spaced, with a cover page to include the title of the work, the phrase Nibfest writeathon 2014, your name and contact details. Preferably include a header and footer to include the phrase Nibfest writeathon 2014, your name and email address on each page.
  6. A final shortlist will be announced live at the closing event of Social Book Week, Wednesday 14th May, venue to be announced.
  7. The winner will be selected by the panel and win lunch with a Watson, Little literary agent.

So prepare to start writing for a week and see how you and your fellow write-a-thon people go!